Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finishing Up

Ok, so it's been a busy few weeks and I have been editing for the show and getting back into the swing of classes. But here's a brief overview of what happened the rest of the trip. 


The Ogden Museum of Southern Art was awesome. The curator of the photo dept. and the head of the museum were there to talk us through their collection. They even pulled some images from storage-including a couple of Walker Evans and Henri Cartier Bresson images-that were amazing to see. That was amazing of them to take the time and effort to do that for us. Thanks again!

That afternoon and evening we ventured into the French Quarter to shoot street performers and architecture. It was interesting. I had an experience there that I am trying to block from my mind, so I'm not going to share that, but suffice it to say that some people may have some humiliating photos that need not be shared. 

The French Quarter had some truly beautiful architecture. It's a very lush area. We also ate dinner on Bourbon Street. I had catfish as I am trying to eat more fish. Let's just say that I'm starting out with everything fried. And it was ok. 

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