Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 4

Another early call-7 am in the lobby. We were off to photograph the Rebuilding New Orleans organization. Their organization works with rebuilding the homes of the disabled and elderly. We met up with a rep from the organization named John-really nice guy. He took us to meet a few of the residents who were helped by RNO. 
The first gentleman was named Sidney Davis. Also a very nice man. He talked to us about his Katrina experience and then invited all of us into see his home. 
We looked at a few of the other houses in the neighborhood that had been rebuilt or in the process of rebuilding. We also visited another resident-Miss Gibbs. I know I keep writing that everyone has been so nice, but it is really true. It's amazing to hear these people's stories and to see their strength and faith and then, to top it all off,  have them invite 15 strangers into their house for coffee. It's a truly amazing city with even better people. We also went to a house that was just starting to be cleared out. The group doing the clearing was a Hillel group from California, I believe. 
We ate at Mother's-which is apparently a place that you have to go to when you go to New Or
leans. And for a good reason-it was amazing. 
We then took the ferry over to Algiers-a pretty little neighborhood. We talked to some people and photographed the architecture. 
We then went back to the hotel to edit and blog. 

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Emily--the mirror picture is fantastic--make it one of the extra 5 4x5 prints!!!!