Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 3


We were up and out early shooting Habitat for Humanity in the Musician's Village. I had heard the houses described as Easter Egg colored. They were so stinking cute. I love it. They were bright green and purple and pink. The house colors and architecture is just really refreshing coming from the shades of grey and blue that are more common in MN. We wandered for a bit around the neighborhood in the morning and shot the construction of a new house and some recently finished houses later in the morning. At lunch a school jazz band from Illinois performed. They were amazing. I couldn't believe they were in high school. It was just a really fun atmosphere that I hadn't seen yet in the city, but seemed to be a truly New Orleans experience. 

After an afternoon crit, we took the streetcar to one of the cemeteries. We "broke" in-it was technically closed, but there was no gate in the back! - and shot there for about an hour. It seemed to be a newer cemetery as it was rather clean and pristine. We waited forever for the streetcar to come back, but it was really rather fun to ride. 

We edited and blogged in the evening and then went to bed. 

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