Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 7


A few of us wanted to go down to the Lower 9th again, so we met in the lobby around 6:15. There was some amazing light when we got down there and there was a heavy layer of fog that just made it very peaceful and quiet. We did have the military police follow us around for a bit. But being down there at that time, with that weather, was a really nice way to cap off the trip. 

Unfortunately, that peace didn't last. Basically it was a huge mess and I ended up getting home about 24 hours later than I had expected. I think a huge part of that was that it was a draining week, emotionally and physically and I just wanted to be home to recharge for classes the next day. It didn't happen. I really hate missing the first day of class and I still feel like I'm playing catch-up. 

New Orleans was amazing. The people were so awesome. There's a lot I got to see and a lot that I didn't. I want to go back. Soon. That city just works it's way into your blood and you don't even realize it until after you've left. I think that next time I go down to help, it's going to be something that I can see immediate results. But I'll still bring a camera. 

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